7 October 2009

Unwelcome Blogger localization


Here's a funny one for you. I have just delivered a speech at the GOVCERT.NL conference on this Internet Borders theme. You can find conference details here.

I decided to log into this blog and post a few thoughts. Working from the speakers lounge here in Rotterdam, I entered the URL for my blog (www.internetborders.com). Not surprisingly, I was directed to this blog. To my surprise, the small "ribbon" above this blog that tells you I am using the "Blogger" system was written in Dutch. On the one hand, you could argue that that this is a value-added service. Blogger clearly understands that I am sitting in the Netherlands and dynamically changes the ribbon language based on a best guess of where I am.

My knowledge of Dutch is non-existent. It took me a moment to figure out a work-around that enabled me to log-in. The quickest work-around was "guess the meaning of this Dutch word".

(BTW, yes I know that I can change the HTML of my blog template to get rid of the Blogger ribbon.)