6 February 2010

Facebook Country Restrictions: Your social network border patrol

Here's a quick observation. I decided to start a Facebook Page for Internet Borders. (It's called Internet Borders. I have very little imagination.)

As I started to play around with the "Edit Page" feature, I found that it was (surprise!) possible to create a list of countries where the Page can be seen. I can, if I wish, make my page viewable only in "Ruritania" thus excluding the remainder of the world.

If you want to see this feature, and you are the Admin for a Page, you can find it within the Page at: Edit Page>>Settings(edit)>>Country Restrictions.

The feature works on an "opt-in" principle. The Admin enters countries that should be allowed to see the Page. It is not a country "exclusion".

Now here's my dilemma: should I enforce borders on my Internet Borders Facebook Page? Stay tuned, and see if I decide to become parochial.

Oh, the new Page is located here.