1 March 2010

The Diffie-Carolina non-key exchange

I chose to announce my theory that the Cyberspace Frontier is Closed as part of an alumni program at the Information Security Group, Royal Holloway University of London. In the Q&A that followed, I found myself in a strong exchange of views with fellow part-time staff member, Professor Whitfield Diffie (famed cryptographer and crypto policy expert). Whit was not an immediate believer. After nearly two years I hope that I am wearing him down.

I was happy to find a (moderately blury) picture of that show-down discussion, taken by Bhavin Desai on 23 July 2008 and posted by him to Picasa Web.

I am the short-haired lawyer-guy behind the podium. Whit is the long-haired dude in the cream color suit who has decided to come out to the virtual frontier and "call me out", rather like a cryptographic John Wayne who still believes in a borderless Internet.

So how about it, Whit? Do you believe me yet?

The original picture with copyright information, etc is here.