7 October 2013

BBC World Service interview

Now that I have decided to renew my activity on this blog, I remembered that I was interviewed about the Internet Border thesis by BBC World Service Radio last year. The programme that interviewed me is called "One Planet", and they did a very thought-provoking piece about our Bordered World on 23 April 2012. You can hear the programme by CLICKING HERE.

The entire programme is only 17 and one-half minutes long, but if you want to skip directly to the Internet discussion then advance to about 13:00 for the intro. (I get the last word.)

Here is a bit more explanation about my (rather down-beat) comment at the end. I do not believe that the ease of communication provided by the Internet will necessarily lead the world to a single unified global set of shared rules and values. Although there has been a lot of good and effective work to harmonise our global views of important policy issues (especially in the age of the UN), many differences remain and will not be resolved soon. Furthermore, many of these differences can be measured and defined by the geographic borders of sovereign states. While the Internet may aid our understanding of one another, it will not (on its own) lead us to a state of global agreement about fundamental questions of right and wrong. No media, on its own, can do that.