23 December 2013

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! It's Different Community Standards

This Christmas, Charlie Brown helped me learn how community standards can be different in two different communities. This experience helps illustrate why I believe Internet Border enforcement will continue to increase - even between "friendly" countries with similar community standards.

Good Grief! Charlie Brown Rated PG

My wife and I recently ordered some DVDs to watch during the holiday break. When they arrived, we were surprised by the rating given to one of them. A DVD collection of six "Peanuts" animated children's specials from the 1960s arrived - rated PG by the British!

"How is this possible?", we wondered. The Peanuts animated television specials (aka Charlie Brown and Snoopy) were the quintessential "family viewing" television of our youth. Many were classics repeated every year on a cycle linked to major holidays, especially "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (1965). These almost served as the definition of "rated-G" entertainment in the USA.

DVD Cover