6 January 2014

The Internet Police Force

During a conference discussion panel on global cyber threats, a delegate asked if maybe it was time to start an "Internet Police Force". My response? It's already here.

The Internet Police today

We already have Internet police forces. In London we have two. The City of London Police are responsible for most criminal investigations in the relatively small business district known as the City of London. The much larger Metropolitan Police Service (popularly known as "Scotland Yard") is responsible for everyplace else in Greater London. Both of these excellent police services have undertaken numerous criminal investigations, and made many arrests, with respect to perpetrators who used the Internet in the commission of crime.

Looking to the United States, most of the police forces of individual cities, counties, and states, conduct investigations of crimes that - one way or another - involve the use of the Internet. At the US national government level, the FBI investigates crimes falling within their special jurisdiction that might involve use of the Internet, as do the Secret Service, NCIS, etc, etc.