Other resources

Here are some third party resources that might be useful in your exploration of the Internet Borders hypothesis.

  • The Cyberspace Frontier has Closed. A few notes from the lecture I delivered in 2008 that reignited my interest in this topic.
  • Goldsmith, Jack and Tim Wu, Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World. Originally published in 2006, this is a well written and accessible book by two lawyers who both explain and refute "internet exceptionalism" as legal theory. I did not discover the work until after my original lecture. My only real criticism is that the authors clearly write from an American point of view and assume an American audience. Some people in an international audience may take exception to some of the examples provided.
  • Internet Jurisdiction (www.internetjurisdiction.net). An interesting website and related project site that appears to have been started by two French lawyers.
(List started October 2013. More to follow.)